4 Ways To Use Small Mason Jars 4oz Mason Jars

PinExt 4 Ways To Use Small Mason Jars 4oz Mason Jars

4 Types of Small Mason Jars and Their Uses

Small mason jars come in many sizes, and 4oz mason jars are one of them. Many times these small mason jars that are of 4oz in size are not purchased as a single entity, i.e. a single piece. These jars are rather purchased in bulk, typically in a set of 12 small mason jars of the same 4oz size. Some of the best uses of these small mason jars can be in:

Restaurants – In restaurants, these small mason jars of 4oz can contain salt, pepper, etc. and can be kept on the tables. Small holes can be made in the caps of these small mason jars so that the customers can spread the spices that the jars contain as per their own tastes.

jarrr 4 Ways To Use Small Mason Jars 4oz Mason Jars

Homes – Small mason jars with the capacity of 4oz are also useful for domestic purposes in a way that people can preserve several different types of edible products and spices in them. These occupied small mason jars can be placed in the kitchen, or they can also be used to serve daily-use spices such as salt, pepper, etc. on the dining tables.

Decoration – Some people or staff members of hospitality industry can use these small mason jars with 4oz in capacity to grow small and beautiful plants in them. Such plants can be kept near the windows, or on other in-house shelves to enhance the decoration of the interior of the houses or any other hospitality premises.

Other Uses of Small Mason Jars
Another unofficial but highly effective and efficient use of these 4oz small mason jars is that since they have precise preserving capacity, these jars can be used to measure exact and accurate amount of ingredients while cooking the dishes that require perfect amount of spices or other material to get desired taste.

These small mason jars that are 4oz in capacity are also best for gifting purposes, provided they are stuffed with tasty and presentable edible products such as chocolates, toffees, etc. It is easy to gift wrap each jar individually, or the entire set of the jars with different edible products as a single unit. In either case, when these small mason jars are giftwrapped, they give an entirely different look, hence increasing the value of the present and emotional attachment at the same time.

Many people also use these small mason jars that are 4oz in capacity to prepare home-made ice creams. Since these jars are small in size with precise storing capacity, and are available as single pack of multiple pieces, ice creams prepared in such jars are best when one jar full of ice cream is served to one person.

To conclude, these small mason jars that are 4oz in capacity are best when used in restaurants, homes, for decoration purposes, to preserve spices or other such edible products, gifting purposes, etc. These small mason jars are also best suitable for measurement purposes when a specific amount of each ingredient is required to prepare a special dish.

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